Follow the Leader 

​As the school year begins for St. Mary Magdalen in Altamonte Springs, the students have been given a phrase to reflect on and apply to this new journey they are headed toward. “Follow the Leader: Back to School, Back to Church.”

​This maxim reminds us that this educational season is not always about the shiny new school supplies or the excitement of a new year. It is about connecting to God with your peers, and to follow this path on which He leads us. Some fall away from God over the summer, but He is here now to welcome everyone back. The flock of sheep follows their shepherd. We must be those sheep and let the Word of God guide us and help us to be sage children.

​Although God is our most holy and highest leader, we have others to lead us as well. Our two leaders here at St. Mary Magdalen are Father Charlie Mitchell, the leader of our faith, and Mrs. Rotz, the leader of our education. Hand in hand, they feed our mind and soul. They open our eyes with their example, and the school and parish are all grateful for their counsel.

​This year we are to “let go” to live simpler, happier, and holier. God always comes first. It is an opportunity to wipe away the fog that clouds our faith—to wipe away life’s distractions and take a moment to thank the Lord for this day and the many gifts He has bestowed upon us. We now get the chance to praise God not only on Sundays, but also on Wednesdays in school Mass.

​We often stray away from our faith, but God has a path for all of us. This new year is an open hand invitation, “Come follow me.” We must take that hand and let ourselves be guided down the path of God’s grace.

Article written by Tiffany Z., an eighth grade student at St. Mary Magdalen School in Altamonte Springs.
August, 2017