Food from the Heart

Mrs. Judy Morales has been working in the lunchroom at Sacred Heart Catholic School in New Smyrna Beach for nearly 10 years. Mrs. Morales is the “chef” at Sacred Heart Catholic School. She cooks for all of the students every single day without fail.

“I feel good about serving students good healthy food,” she said. “I cook with so much passion and because of my Hispanic background and roots, I am blessed to learn how to cook and truly enjoy feeding my family and friends, now, the students.”

Ms. Judy, as she fondly called by the students, makes lunch enjoyable as well. On her own and using her own money to buy treats, she puts stickers on “lucky plates”. Whoever has stickers on their plates each day gets a treat. This makes all of the students look forward to coming to lunch the next day!

Ms. Judy also helps out with Vacation Bible School every summer. She helps with lunch and snacks and wherever she is needed. What makes food healthy?  When it comes from Ms. Judy, a true disciple straight from the kitchen, where her heart is!

Article written and photo taken by Madeline, a seventh grade student at Sacred Heart Catholic School in New Smyrna Beach.

May, 2018