Holy Family Parish celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe

On Dec. 12, the Holy Family Parish celebrated the feast of our Lady of Guadalupe with a beautiful and vibrant Mass. The celebration was respectful to her Spanish roots.

There was a live mariachi band and a re-enactment of how our lady visited St. Juan Diego. The Holy Family Spanish Department did a great job putting together the beautiful feast. The mix of the Spanish music and the festive flowers made this beautiful fiesta a treat to the eyes.

During this Mass, the children from Holy Family Catholic School were adorned in traditional Spanish attire. Girls braided flowers in their hair, while boys wore beaded sombreros. Even the altar was dressed for the occasion. On top, there sat vases full of fresh pink roses. In the middle, a statue of Our Lady looked down upon her many children. It was a very lovely sight. The Mass was truly beautiful, paying respect to Our Lady.

Article written by Katie, 8th grade student, Holy Family Catholic School, Orlando