Holy Redeemer Catholic School Students Host International Open House

On Jan. 25, Holy Redeemer Catholic School had an international open house for Catholic Schools Week.

Pre k through eighth grade classrooms were open, with each class in the school representing a different country. Pre k3 had Columbia; pre k4 had Denmark; kindergarten had Brazil; 1st grade had the Bahamas; 2nd grade had Ireland; 3rd grade had Vietnam; 4th grade had The Virgin Islands; 5th grade had the Philippines; 6th grade had Paris; 7th grade had Africa; and lastly 8th grade had Chile. Each classroom decorated and provided a sample of food from their country or continent. The open house was successful and showed how diverse our Church is. Many people from the parish came.

Article written by Luna, 7th grade student, Holy Redeemer Catholic School, Kissimmee