Honoring grandparents

On September 7, grandparents of all students attending Saint Joseph Church and School community in Palm Bay, Florida, celebrated Mass followed by a breakfast. This annual event welcomes grandparents as they join their grandchildren in the parish hall for a lovely meal.

Claudia Stokes, the Saint Joseph Catholic School principal, reported, “Our school holds this breakfast to acknowledge grandparents as very important members of our family. It is also so that we can commemorate National Grandparents Day, which is in September every year. Another reason why we hold a Grandparents Day breakfast is because grandparents are a part of our community and we want to welcome all of them into it.”

When asked, grandparents said they really enjoyed both the Mass and breakfast. Mr. and Mrs. Dominique, grandparents of eighth-grader Alexandra, commented on what they liked the most. “We really enjoyed watching our granddaughter altar serve at Mass.” They said, “We also met very nice people at our table with wonderful children. The food was enjoyable.”

Kimberly, a volunteer and development coordinator at Saint Joseph Catholic School, added, “Thank you to all of our school parents who helped to make this year’s Grandparent Breakfast our biggest ever. From our coordinators Cindy Perry and Kristina Brauner, to all our parent volunteers. Thank you so much for your generosity, gifts, and time. The grandparents felt special and loved.”

Article written by Alexandra and Gabriella, 8th grade students at St. Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay. Photographs were taken by Kimberly.
October 19, 2018