JMJ: Young disciples in action

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph” or JMJ, is an after school program at Sacred Heart Catholic School in New Smyrna. Members meet to discuss the gospel, do arts and crafts, eat snacks, put on plays, and much more. The group has three brilliant mentors – Mrs. Bonnie Montgomery, Mrs. Suzanne Cooley, and Ms. Lisa Duval. These three selfless women plan all of the fun events during JMJ.

JMJ happens on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Social Hall. During these two hours, there is plenty of time to do amazing things. The snacks are normally as big as a meal! Since we overlap into some people’s dinnertime, Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. Cooley and Ms. Duval bring pizzas, meatball subs, and sometimes they just simply bring snacks.

JMJ occasionally hosts plays that their members participate in. Three plays have been done so far this year. The ‘Woman at the Well,’ the ‘Man Born Blind,’ and the ‘Raising of Lazarus.’ These were all so much fun and we had plenty of people come and see them. Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Cooley are constantly looking for new members, so anyone who wants to check us out is welcome to shadow one meeting and see if he or she would like to become a member.

My life as a student wouldn’t be the same without JMJ. So a big shout out to our wonderful mentors and to our members!

Article written and photo taken by Avery, a sixth grade student at Sacred Heart School, New Smyrna.
March, 2018