JMJ : Young Leaders of the Faith

Young Disciples of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (JMJ)  is a group of young people from grades four through eight who meet weekly to discuss the upcoming Gospel, share crafts, and learn how to put faith into action. Because of their love for children, Sacred Heart Catholic School teachers Suzanne Cooley and Bonnie Montgomery started JMJ to build a small faith community, strengthen them in their faith, build friendship, and to have the children be in the parish just as much as the adults.

JMJ aims to keep children active and get involved in the Catholic faith. The teachers lead the group and plan the meetings, lessons, and introduce fun crafts. Students talk about the Good News of Jesus Christ every meeting and bring it to the level of children attending. Not all the activities they do are related to faith. Some are just for fun to create community.

JMJ started with three people and now has 12-13 students. JMJ wishes to be more active in making a difference in the life of more young people.

Article written by Avery B., a fifth grader at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna.