Living Rosary: Praying for peace as a community

On Thursday, October 5, Sacred Heart Catholic School teachers, students, and families gathered in the school gym for the annual living rosary. Sixty-one students made up the living rosary.  As each bead prayer is recited, the ‘student bead’ stand up, lights a candle, and offers a flower to the statue of the Virgin Mary placed in the middle of the living rosary.

The eighth-graders lead the prayers, a tradition the school keeps and observes as a privilege given to each graduating class. “It was very touching,” said Jacqueline, a fourth grade student at Sacred Heart Catholic School. This was a huge event for the school and it had a good turnout. Many families attended.

The whole school gathered to pray the rosary. In the busyness of life, many are craving peace. Attendance to this annual prayer gathering showed how the Sacred Heart community cares for the world around us, offering a chance to slow down, pray for others and spend time remembering the life of Christ.

“This is good that the whole school joins together for an event like this because it shows our unity,” said Jacqueline. “We should have more living rosaries because a lot of people come to enjoy what we do in our school.”

“We made it an annual event for our devotion to Mary,” said Sacred Heart religion teacher, Mrs. Maria Bilodeau.

Jacqueline added, “It was a real success and I look forward to being an eighth-grader and being able to participate in leading the living rosary.”

Article written by Madeline, a seventh grade student at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach. Photo courtesy of J. Ward.

October, 2017