Madagascar Jr. – another hit production

“Quiet on the set! Cue the penguins!” Holy Redeemer Catholic School’s spring production this year was Madagascar Jr. Students and families explored the jungles of Madagascar with Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman. It was a fun-filled, exciting, and hilarious performance put on by the talented fifth through eighth grade students.

Plays are a lot of work, and this play wouldn’t have happened without its amazing director, Mrs. Lampe, and all of the staff and parent volunteers. The students in the drama club spent a lot of time and effort memorizing their lines, remembering the choreography, and getting everything together to create one big beautiful piece of art. Although the process may be long and hard, the students always end up having fun.

School productions are a great experience for those in the play and those in the audience. Holy Redeemer school and parish community in Kissimmee came out to “Move it, move it” with King Julian, Maurice, and all of the lemurs. From Aladdin Jr. to The Lion King Jr., all of the families of Holy Redeemer have enjoyed the school productions, and Madagascar was no exception. Audiences off all ages, laughed and danced along, which resulted in another successful school production at Holy Redeemer.

Article written by Hannah, a seventh grade student at Holy redeemer Catholic School, Kissimmee. Photos taken by Christine.

April, 2018