Making a difference as a Redemptorist school

Service offers a wonderful opportunity for students at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna to be involved in many different real-life solutions concerning school, parish, and community problems and issues. School involvement strengthens relationships with one another and with others, thus living out the school’s Redemptorist charism of caring for the poor and the abandoned in the society.

The number of service opportunities provided is a good chance for all to help others in need. Students learn and share our common responsibility as Catholics by selflessly giving of their time and resources to those who are most deprived of basic necessities in life. The Sacred Heart School student body cares about making people feel better in their daily lives, most especially the homeless and the sick. Students perform the Corporal Works of Mercy for people who are in need by donating canned goods on a regular basis; giving shoes to the sister diocese in the Dominican Republic; collecting lots of toys for the children from the Dominican Republic mission; collecting clothes, jackets, blankets, and sleeping bags for the homeless; and caring for the elderly. Service is a collaborative effort of both students and teachers.

What inspires me most as a young student is that students from fourth through eighth grade earn service hours by helping others, cleaning up after a school party, helping out at Mass, doing home chores, and much more. I believe that we are different because we are taught to live a Redemptorist life dedicated to serve the needy and give back in a very humble way, without expecting anything in return.

Article written ad photo taken by Thomas, a sixth-grader at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach.
March, 2018