Marriage SPA

Marriage SPA—Spiritual, Practical & Affirming!   

The Marriage SPA is a fun, interactive, informative day, planned and facilitated by professionals and trained personnel for the purpose of Marriage Enrichment. The purpose of the SPA is multifaceted: It is Spiritual, Practical and Affirming. It was created by the Family Life Office in an effort to provide, inexpensive, Catholic faith-based, marriage enrichment for couples married for any length of time and it’s continuation at the host parish.

In SPA three presentations are given:  Building Intimacy Through Resolving Conflict, Celebrating Differences and Reviewing the Vows. Between the presentations couples meet and build community with other couples who share the same values and concerns.


  • The Not-So-Newly-Wed game was really fun
  • All the topics presented in the SPA were FANTASTIC! Educational! I highly recommend this day
  • The cake and sharing with a prayer candle, thanking each other for support and joy
  • This wasn’t just a day, it was time for us and what a treat.
  • The variety of topics applicable for married couples of all stages
  • the exercises we did as couples
  • Dynamic speakers and interactive games
  • The focus on the positive aspects of our married life
  • The opportunity to learn new reasons to appreciate each other
  • Restating our Vows
  • The explanation of sacred space


  • How to communicate and be aware of each others feelings
  • To be more of a listener than a talker
  • Awareness of differences between introvert and extrovert
  • Discovering the needs men and women have, men want to be respected while women want to be cherished
  • The importance of empathy in marriage
  • The tool of mirroring for greater communication
  • A renewal and a new aspect of a prior experience
  • There are no small problems
  • Our vows are life giving and lived daily
  • Learning that conflict may be my unwillingness or willingness to contribute
  • Balance of passion and security
  • The actions to be watchful of that can be especially harmful to a relationship or indicate severe trouble
  • How to make the time to talk – how to identify characteristics in myself
  • How important it is to cherish my wife
  • To recall my spouse’s feelings, both good and bad

When is the next Marriage SPA?

Contact the Office of Family Life & Pastoral Care at (407) 246-4865.