Ministering to Brothers and Sisters in Christ

On October 22nd, the freshman class of Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando had the opportunity to experience a day full of prayer, meditation, and fun with their own peers. The event was planned and run by the Campus Ministry staff and the senior Peer Ministers.

Beginning the day bright and early at 6:10 a.m., the Peer Ministry team met at Bishop Moore to begin the day. They were transported out to Florida Elk Youth Camp in Umatilla, the site of the retreat. Extensive setup and mental preparation were two main objectives during the early morning, aside from waking up.

As the freshmen arrived, peer ministers came alive with the help of the Holy Spirit. Unmatched energy flowed from all of them, creating an atmosphere unlike any other. The day consisted of talks, meditations, and time for the students to bond together as a class. Ultimately, the retreat culminated with Eucharistic Adoration, an opportunity for the students to experience Christ personally. 

The retreat is not only a prayerful experience for the students, but for the peer ministers as well. Drew Nelson, a peer minister of the Class of 2016, was a proud member of the team that facilitated the retreat. 

“Listening to the students in my group gave me an opportunity to reflect on how my journey through Bishop Moore as shaped me as a follower of Christ,” said Nelson. He, along with many other seniors, served as holy examples for the underclassmen of Bishop Moore.

Article written by Carl, 12th grade student, Bishop Moore Catholic High School, Orlando