Our Residential Programs are designed to assist the individuals we serve in achieving their dreams. The supports we provide include supervision and training activities to assist our residents in acquiring, maintaining or improving independent living skills.

This includes personal health and hygiene skills such as bathing, oral hygiene, health eating and exercise; homemaking skills such as food preparation, vacuuming, ironing and laundry; socialization activities; and, companion activities that enable residents to access their community and develop social roles.

We encourage the individuals we serve to reach their potential by supporting their physical and emotional well-being and spiritual growth. In addition, Bishop Grady villas provides day respite for individuals who reside in their family home.

Our programs are designed to address the needs of the entire person. By getting to know the individuals we serve we are able to encourage them to use their God-given gifts to achieve greater independence, physical and emotional well-being and spiritual growth.

Bishop Grady Villas Application