Missionary Priest Visits St. Joseph Catholic School

On Thursday, February 26, Father Tony visited St. Joseph Catholic School and answered questions the students had about his attire, his missionary service, and even how he responded to his calling from God to become a priest.

Father Tony belongs to a missionary group of religious priests called the Fathers of Mercy. As soon as he walked in, everyone noticed something different about him from our pastor, Father Bob. He was wearing a long black cassock with a black cincture around his waist.

Father Tony did not always want to be a priest. In fact, he was determined he wanted to be a veterinarian, but he unexpectedly heard God calling him to be a priest. He described how he did not just decide to be a priest right then and there; he asked his friends and family what they thought about it. They all told him they thought he would be a great priest. He prayed about it, and he decided to go to school to become a priest. Many students were very surprised by his change of heart and the fact Father Tony and his fellow members of the Fathers of Mercy are able to serve an entire mass in Latin.

Father Tony’s visit to St. Joseph Catholic School was an amazing experience for each class, mostly the eighth grade class who got to ask him many questions.

Article written by Rachel, 8th grade student, St. Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay