Morning Star Catholic School Students Celebrate Catholic Schools Week


Catholic Schools Week at Morning Star School was fun.


Catholic schools week is cool and fun. At Morning Star School, we had silly sock/hat day, a talent show, a dance, and a big mass with the Bishop. I interviewed Jared, who is my best friend. I also interviewed Ms. Christine Wallace, who is the Elementary classroom teacher. She is a nice teacher

Jared’s favorite part of Catholic Schools Week was silly sock day and the dance. Ms. Wallace loved the Mass at Bishop Moore. Everyone loved Catholic Schools Week because they were happy to celebrate their faith.

I asked, “Why is it important to celebrate Catholic Schools week?” Jared said, “It helps us have a good year.” I agree with Jared. Ms. Christine said, “It reminds us that we are part of a community.” I think it’s important to celebrate Catholic Schools week because it reminds us to be kind.

Our school collected peanut butter for those who didn’t have enough food. Ms. Christine said, “I want to collect food again because it teaches us to think of others.” I liked collecting food.

Catholic Schools Week is about having a lot of fun. It is important for us to celebrate because it makes everyone feel so happy. During Catholic Schools Week it is important to show people how much you love them. Next year will be very fun to celebrate with my friends.

Article written by John, student at Morning Star Catholic School, Orlando