Nativity play offers glimpse into the birth of Christ

St. Joseph Catholic School students performed The Nativity Friday evening, December 15. This play was edited and perfected to show the audience how the birth of Christ may have looked.

In this play, the audience witnessed the stories of Mary and Joseph, brought together by God to raise and nurture his only Son, who was born to save humanity from itself. Students from every grade level, Pre-K through eighth grade, were represented in this beautiful play. Teachers and parents witnessed the marvelous event of how the angel Gabriel appeared to both Mary and Joseph to foretell the coming and future of their son, Jesus Christ.

The lead actor for Joseph, eighth grade student, Garrett, had some input on the play. He said, “It was a great experience. I felt good about the fact that I was chosen to take the vital role of Joseph in the school play.”

Sophia, an eighth-grader who played Mary said, “The play was amazing! It was fun. I would gladly do it again for we represented the most important night in history.”

This play was heartwarming, thoughtful, and full of insight into the world of the newborn King, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Article written and photo taken by Jaiden, an eighth grade student at St. Saint Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay.
December, 2017