Nourishing God’s Children with Food and Love

Dedicated service is at the very heart of the commitment we make to living the Gospel. The eighth grade class at Sacred Heart Catholic School decided to continuously generate enthusiasm for service to others in the name of Christ.


During Lent this year, students participated in Lenten projects that fulfill the practices of praying, fasting, and almsgiving. To live out their faith and to continue this commitment, the students traveled to First United Methodist Church in New Smyrna Beach on Monday, March 16 and served less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Community Hot Meal Program.

The Community Hot Meal Program serves hot meals to those in need three days each week and has been operating in the facilities of the First United Methodist Church. The church is one of 21 churches throughout the community that are involved in the program, one of which is our parish, Sacred Heart. Each church takes a turn in serving the meal.

The students set up tables and chairs, served desserts and beverages, provided entertainment and even helped with the clean up. Religion teacher, Mrs. Maria Bilodeau, coordinated the project and collected items such as toilet paper, tooth brushes and toothpaste which the 4th and 5th grade students made into care packages for each of the people that visited.

Probably one of the most memorable moments of the day was a group prayer led by Avery. Her words were kind and thoughtful and made us all very appreciative of what God has given us.

During this project our students learned many important reasons why we should share God love with others through service. More important than the food that filled them, the day old bread they would feast on for a week, or the care packages of supplies that we all take for granted, were the smiles our students were able to share with the visitors to the soup kitchen that day. This proved that God’s love knows no boundaries.

Article written be Delaney, 8th grade student, Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach