Thursday Events – August 22, 2019

Breakout A

A1 – Liturgy Institute: An Introduction to Liturgical Theology (Chris Ferraro)
A2 – RCIA Institute: RCIA that works (Diana Macalintal, Nick Wagner)
A3 – Leading God’s People in Prayer (Fr. Anthony Aarons)
A4 – Choir Rehearsal Techniques (Charles Thatcher)

Focus Session

Clergy – Understanding the Diaconate (Bishop Shawn McKnight)
Music Directors – For the Love of God: What Makes Music Suitable for Liturgy (Dr. Peter Latona)
RCIA – RCIA Institute: “Go, Heal the Wounds”; Become a Field Hospital of Faith/
Seek the Living God: Five Questions for Conversion (Nick Wagner)
Liturgy – Liturgy Institute: Sunday, the Primordial Feast Day/
The Great Ninety Days (Chris Ferraro)

Friday Events – August 23, 2019

Breakout B

B1 – Liturgy Institute – The Incarnation Cycle (Chris Ferraro)
B2 – RCIA Institute: Your Parish is the Curriculum: RCIA in the Midst of the Assembly (Diana Macalintal)
B3 – Crossing the Threshold: Gathering, Listening, Responding (Rita Thiron)
B4 – The Cantor as Proclaimer: Connecting to Scripture (Berta Sabrio)
B5 – Spontaneous Beauty: Improvising for Liturgy (Dr. Peter Latona)

Breakout C

C1 – Liturgy Institute: Ordinary Time (Chris Ferraro)
C2 – RCIA Institute: The Awe-Inspiring Rites of the RCIA: Training for Baptismal Living (Nick Wagner, Diana Macalintal)
C3 – Crossing the Threshold: Sacrifice, Thanksgiving, Communion and Mission (Fr. Blake Britton)
C4 – Working with Instrumental Ensembles (Keith Kalemba)
C5 – Selecting Bilingual – Spanish/English Music for the Liturgy (Dr. Dolores Martinez)

Saturday /Sábado, August 24, 2019

Bloque D (en español)

D1 – Ministros de Música (Jose Velez)
D2 – EMHCs/Sacristanes (Deacon Pedro Laboy)
D3 – Lectores (Sofia Gonzalez)
D4 – Ministros de la Hospitalidad (Lydia Britton)

Breakout D

D1 – Music Ministers (Chris Ferraro)
D2 – EMHC/Sacristan (Lisa Weis)
D3 – Lectors (Sandra Dooley)
D4 – Ministry of Hospitality (Lydia Britton)
D5 – Environment and Art (Aaron Kohl)
D6 – RCIA Institute: Mystagogy: A Lifelong Practice for Living Liturgically (Diana Macalintal)