Diocese of Orlando FaithFit App

“Faith Fit” app Inspires Health of Body, Mind, and Soul

faithfit logo-colorThe Diocese of Orlando has ventured into the growing app market by creating its first app that is available to download from the Apple and Google Play Store.

“Holiness is about being wholly integrated; body, mind, and soul” said Bishop John Noonan of the Diocese of Orlando. “We looked for existing apps, books, or other resources that brought all these aspects together but there was nothing available. Faith Fit is unique in its approach of caring for the whole person.”

Faith Fit offers prayers, health tips and catechetical information about the human person, the value of human life and the wholeness of each person that God intends for humankind. There is a daily inspirational message for individuals to reflect upon and take action on. There is also the ability to enter and track activity and weight goals. There is also a “prayer note” feature so people can write prayer reminders as well as prayer podcasts to inspire a more robust prayer life.

Faith Fit is a collaborative effort between several diocesan departments, including Communications, Liturgy, Information Technology, Human Resources, Vocations, and Advocacy and Justice. With a grant from Aetna, the diocesan insurance provider, these offices have been working together to develop an app and a website (www.befaithfit.org) that focuses on the Catholic teachings on the human person and the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit.

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