Parishioners Reflect on Lenten Practices

Lent is an important part of our Catholic faith and an important time of the year. In speaking to some members of Resurrection Catholic Parish in Lakeland, they shared how they recognize the Lenten season and inspire others to take some time to think about their traditions.

Resurrection Catholic School (RCS) preschool teacher, Lisa Davis, sees Lent as a personal time of reflection and planning. “I like to think about the positives in my life and try to come up with ways to make those even better,” she said. She teaches Pre-Kindergarten and, although many feel that is too young to learn about Lent, she feels the opposite. “As a preschool teacher I know that some feel a three-year-old may be too young to learn about Lent. Not true!,” she exclaimed. “I discuss Lent with my students before Ash Wednesday. We talk about how this is a wonderful time for each of them to think about how they can make good choices at home and school along with what those choices might be.”

Ms. Davis is constantly inspired by the children she teaches. A few of their responses include hugging someone, sharing a toy, telling mommy or daddy they love them, and using kind words.  Davis reflects, “It is an important part of teaching Lent to preschoolers, that we also forgive others just like God forgave us.”

Glenn De Sena is a father to two students at RCS, ages 12 and 9.  Mr. De Sena says, “What I have learned about myself, my faith, and God through Lenten practices became more “real” to me when I turned 33, the estimated age Jesus was when he was put to death on the cross.”  Thinking about this sacrifice from a parent’s perspective (Mary) and a father’s (God) helped solidify many of his Lenten beliefs. “Besides following the standard Lenten guidelines of fasting on certain days, no meat on Fridays, etcetera, our family tries to spend more quality time together,” said Mr. De Sena. “We especially do our best to eat more meals together as a family, with a focus on conversation.”  He also works to make the season more meaningful by getting involved in campaigns like “40 Days for Life”.

The Lenten season is one of reflection. It is also a time to recognize the sacrifice made by Jesus for all of us. By hearing what others do, maybe it can inspire each of us to evaluate this time of the year and think about a new way to celebrate this season.

Article written by Samantha, a 7th grade student at Resurrection Catholic School in Lakeland.