Participate in the US Papal Visit

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Pope Francis will be visiting the United States September 22-27, 2015. This is the Holy Father’s first U.S. visit since becoming pope on March 13, 2013. Your parish and school are invited to participate in this historic event – virtually!

Here’s how! The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website ( will be live streaming all public events with Pope Francis. Plus they will provide video on demand for most events where Pope Francis will be speaking.

  1. Organize a watch party for your community and celebrate this wonderful opportunity to come together as a universal church through the gift of technology.
  2. Pray as a community of believers that this visit from Pope Francis will lead many to be renewed in their Catholic faith and that many blessings will be poured upon families so they may live their faith in Jesus Christ always with abundant joy and peace.
  3. All of the events with Pope Francis listed on this schedule will be live streamed:

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