Personal Reflection: One Faith in Sports

There is no “I” in team. In other words, nobody can carry a team on his or her own.


You need to trust and have faith in your coaches and teammates. Win or lose, a team needs to stay together, have faith, and believe in one another. If you can trust your team and coaches, nobody can stop you. One of the best feelings in sports is to get that extra support from your team mates. Your team is your family, and that’s how you should treat them. On and off the court you stay one and nobody can split you apart. Having faith in your team members is an important part of being successful. What I particularly love about being an athlete at Sacred Heart is that we pray before and after each game. We rely on God for strength and confidence and give back humbly our glory or our infamy to God. We are trained to always remember to play fair.

Article written by Luke L., 5th grade student, Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach