Retreat Focuses on Relationship with God

On Nov. 3, Holy Redeemers middle school students participated in a retreat. Deacon Juan Osorno; Gloria Del Orbe, principal; Trista Palmer, school counselor; Manny Castaneda, religion teacher; and Isabel Fernandez, a parish Faith Formation director. Bishop Moore Catholic School volunteers also donated their time.

Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Del Orbe talked to the students about worthiness and how worthy they were of God. A diagram of a rainbow colored red on the left and blue on the right represented students’ relationships with God. The color red meant that their relationship with God was red-hot or very powerful, and blue meant that their relationship with God was icy cold or distant.         

Mr. Casteneda and Bishop Moore volunteers taught students how to avoid temptations. Students wrote a temptation in a box full of sand and shook the box get rid of the temptation. Students presented short skits about their own temptations.

Deacon Osorno created a maze about the seven virtues and the seven deadly sins. Students found their way out of the maze by following virtue posters and found keys to unlock the gate at the end.

The retreat closed with students reading heartfelt letters of support from their parents.

Article written by Luna, 7th grade student Holy Redeemer Catholic School, Kissimmee