Sacred Heart Catholic School’s Passionate Performance

At Sacred Heart Catholic School and Church, the annual re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross has become a treasured tradition for students, teachers, and parishioners alike.


Each year, the eighth grade class performs a re-enactment of the Passion of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The beautiful show led by religion teacher, Maria Bilodeau, took place on Friday, March 27, and on Monday, March 30.

The performance is set to music and includes much more than the 15 stations. With each beautiful song comes another equally beautiful scene. The show starts with Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday followed by the Last Supper and the Agony in the Garden. The people proceed with the Stations of the Cross. After Jesus’ death, the characters make their way across the front of the church for “the surrender,” a scene created by Mrs. Bilodeau. The students took off the sashes around their waists and placed them around the cross to create a beautiful medley of liturgical colors in front of the church. The surrender represents us giving up our lives for Jesus Christ, as he did for us.

Lastly, Mother Mary makes her way to her son, grieving for the loss of her child. Each character plays a special role in the production of the Passion and deep consideration is put into the casting and costumes.

For the first time, the show opened with Palm Sunday, and a separate Mary and Jesus were casted for that scene. Also, during Mary’s walk to the cross, Bella, an eighth grader sang “Mary Did You Know” live for the church.

We at Sacred Heart School hold the Stations of the Cross’ performance very close to our hearts. Patrick, who played Jesus this year, said, “The Stations really make you think, ‘what would Jesus do?’” I was given the privilege of playing Mary this year, and I speak for not only myself, but for all my fellow eighth graders when I say, the beauty of this performance reminds me of the beauty of the heart of Jesus Christ, and we are so lucky to take part in such an amazing show.

Article written by Avery, 8th grade student, Sacred heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach