Sacred Heart Confirmandis Fulfill a Christmas Wish

Every year during the Advent Season, Sacred Heart Catholic Parish set up a Christmas Angel Tree by the entrance of the church with angel tags printed with gifts and wishes that less fortunate children were dreaming of this Christmas.

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The angel tags were quickly picked up by parishioners, who were determined to give the children a very Merry Christmas. As Christmas was nearing, Maria Biladeau, the religion teacher at Sacred Heart, noticed that two tags remained. Both children, one fourteen and the other five, were asking for a bike for Christmas. Mrs. Biladeau approached this year’s Confirmandis and asked if we would like to help purchase a bike. After explaining the cause, a group of Confirmandis decided to purchase not just one bike, but both.

Many of the Confirmandis donated money to buy the two bikes. The bikes were purchased with the donations collected and were brought to the school so the Confirmandis could see the goodness that came from their generosity. The students brought the bikes over to the parish office where they showed Father Nelson what they had purchased. He was very proud of what the Confirmandis had accomplished, and he took photos with the students and the bikes for the children. The Christmas season truly is a season of giving to others, and the feeling that comes with it is truly unforgettable.

Article written by Avery L., 8th Grade student, Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach