Saint of the Month – November: St. Andrew

The Feast of St. Andrew the apostle is celebrated on November 30.

Called by the Lord, St. Andrew, brother of Simon Peter and disciple of John the Baptist, was a fisherman. He preached the Lordship of Jesus, and his message spread throughout the world. While a disciple of John the Baptist, John identified Jesus as “the Lamb of God.” Andrew began to follow Jesus and was one of his first apostles. He found delight in bringing others to Jesus, and told him brother, Simon, one day:

“We have found the Messiah,” and he brought Simon to Jesus (John 1:35-42)

Andrew was also the apostle who found the young boy in the crowd with five loaves of bread and two fish, that became the meal for more than 5,000 people. (John 6:1-15)

Tradition has that St. Andrew preached north of the black Sea and in Greece, and died bound to an X-shaped cross, at Patras, Greece. He is the patron saint of Russia and Scotland, and patron of the fishing industry.