Saving the World, One Bottle at a Time

St. Mary Magdalen School (SMM) is unique for a very unconventional and new reason, recycling. Since the end of the 2015-2016 school year, SMM has fully implemented a recycling program throughout the school. There are recycling bins in every classroom and lunchroom so paper and other recyclable items can be deposited for reuse instead of rotting in landfills.

You may be wondering about the identity of the architect of this new recycling program. This student is Michael Y., currently a sixth grader in our school. He single handedly implemented this program in fifth grade on his own accord, without any outside incentives. I interviewed him to inquire about how he, a 5th grader, can make a big difference in our school.

Michael decided to start a recycling program because he wants to help nature and his community in any way he can. To get a running start, he devised a presentation for the principal and faculty to convince them to endorse his project. After the consent of the principal to organize the program, Michael met with Mrs. Rotz, the principal, and Mr. Edman, the head of maintenance, on how to organize the recycling program to coordinate with the recycle collectors.

He made posters to inform the students of his ideas and what to recycle. After all this hard work and selfless donation of time, the SMM recycling program is currently a huge success. Michael hopes news of his recycling program will spread in different media, so other schools will be inspired to start implementing recycling in their campuses to help improve our community.

This article was written by Henri R., an 8th grader at St. Mary Magdalen School, Altamonte Springs.