School Awaits Christ’s Birth in Prayer

To prepare for Advent, St. Margaret Mary School middle school students made Advent Prayer books. Students worked hard on them for three whole weeks. In the prayer books, students included a traditional prayer of their choice. They also chose an inspirational Psalm.

Pictures of family, friends, and other things they wanted to pray for were added. Students also created their own prayer and wrote it in the prayer book. They wrote down three ways they were going to prepare for the coming of Jesus during the Advent Season, like calling great grandma or helping the elderly.

A verse that inspired them was also added. Images that reminded them of Advent were printed and glued onto the pages. A passage from Luke or Matthew about the birth of Jesus was written in the book as well. The final piece was a note from a parent or grandparent with whom they shared their book.

The cover was also beautifully decorated. Students were then asked to read it each night during this Advent season as they awaited the birth of Christ.

Article written by Patrick K., a 7th grader at St. Margaret Mary School, Winter Park