St. James Students Establish Mission Statement

The mission of the St. James Community is to become the best followers of Jesus Christ, and to be the face of Jesus to others. To create a mission statement from that, the process might seem easy, but it definitely wasn’t. The words the 8th grade students used were the virtues of courage, wisdom, fortitude, forgiveness, love, self-control, integrity, justice, reverence, diligence, humility, and gratitude.

They began by deciding, as a whole 8th grade class, what they thought was the perfect definition for each of those words. It might sound unlikely, but one of the hardest words to define was love. It took a while because there are so many different definitions and intensities of love.

After all the definitions were compiled, each student wrote their own mission statement. The group was then divided into two sections. In Mrs. Ochinero’s English class, each section used parts of students’ statements to create and polish a single statement. After both sections had a statement, everyone came together with the administration, Mrs. Helwig, Mrs. Cobb, and Mr. Gutierrez, to combine them into one.

Now the 8th grade Class of 2017 of St. James Cathedral School has a clear mission. The class pledges to keep those promises, use the wisdom it has gained, and go out into the world to change it for the better.

Mission Statement
We, the Saint James Cathedral School Class of 2017, pledge to lead the school by using our current knowledge and future wisdom to be great examples to others in our community, by diligently expressing the virtues of our Catholic faith. We promise to be role models for our younger generations, by creating a loving environment, conquering our weaknesses together, and encouraging one another toward self-control and persistence, in order to achieve academic success.  We vow to demonstrate integrity and show respect to our instructors and peers, while growing in our faith and spreading the word of Jesus Christ. We will grow as friends and face our obstacles together, while showing justice and mercy to all we meet.  As we step into the next phase of our journey, we will always remember and thank the St. James community for the love and wisdom they instilled in us.  Above all, we will strive, with humility and courage, to set off into the future with the St. James motto, “Come to Learn, Leave to Serve” in our minds as we work to make a difference in the world.

Article written by Schebania, an 8th grade student at St. James Cathedral Catholic School, Orlando.