St. Joseph Parish Celebrates Carnival

On November 4 through 6, St. Joseph Parish along with their school, St. Joseph Academy, held their annual carnival. Located on West Lemon St. in Lakeland,  people came from all corners of town to enjoy the rides, food, games, raffles, live music and entertainment, as well as a silent auction.

The carnival is held every year because it brings people together and it is a fun and safe place for friends and family to hang out.

Carnival chairman, Dan Pilka, said, “The carnival has been around for roughly 50 years.” It started in the 1960s, then stopped with the relocating of St. Joseph Academy several years ago. He also noted,”All the proceeds  from the carnival go to the ministries of the church, such as St. Joseph Academy, the Spanish Masses and the food pantry, and things like that.”

He explained that the carnival benefits the Lakeland community by bringing us together as one family, all having a good time, in an inexpensive manner.

Article and photo by  Kaley T., an 8th grader at St. Joseph Academy, Lakeland.