St. Joseph Parish Teens go on Confirmation Retreat

On Jan. 9-11, the Saint Joseph Catholic Church eighth grade school students and PREP students receiving Confirmation went on a retreat at the Life for Youth Camp in Vero Beach.

It began on the evening on Friday and ended around 10 a.m. on Sunday. Most of the school students and PREP students had never met each other, but by the end, everyone had at least one new friend. There were many activities that made learning about the Sacrament of Confirmation fun.

On Friday night, they learned the rules and procedures, put their luggage in their cabins, and then got to meet each other with some ice breakers. They finally got to bed at midnight, and with all the energy and fun, everyone was exhausted.

On Saturday, they started the day in meditation, thinking solely about Jesus. After a delicious breakfast, they did some more religious activities then had an hour of free time. Most of them played soccer then. They played a dodge ball game called Angel Wars, enacted a Bible Psalm, and then celebrated a beautiful Mass. Two students were ordained as Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion and served the Blood of Christ. They then had a bonfire and played Manhunt.

Sunday consisted on an esteem-boosting activity, and then sadly it was time to leave. The teens had a good time, learned more about Confirmation, and came much closer to God.

Article written by Claire, 8th grade student, St. Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay