St. Margaret Mary to Sing for the Pope

Children in the choir at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School were busy preparing for a very important trip. They packed up, headed to Rome, and sang for Pope Francis. 

 This event was led by a Catholic organization, Pueri Contores. St. Margaret Mary’s choir is invited to sing every six years on behalf of this organization.  All of the choir members worked very hard to raise enough funds to go on this once in a lifetime trip. 

The twelve children who were chosen from the choir were especially excited and felt honored to have been selected.  St. Margaret Mary however, was not the only Catholic school to have been selected. There were hundreds of choirs and roughly 2,000 voices that sang in addition to parents and family. 

In preparation, they met every Saturday to practice the 40 songs in a book that Pueri Contores chose. As part of their preparation the children further recorded their voices singing each song in the book.  Most of the songs were in Latin, while a few were in English. 

The children fundraised for almost a whole year to earn the thousands of dollars it cost to go on this big trip. The things they did to earn the money consisted of selling cookies, making Boo Pops, a Halloween fundraiser; which sends your friend a ghost lollipop in October, as well as selling raffle tickets for a custom made cake. 

Everyone was so excited including the choir director, Mrs. Pelzer. “It’s humbling and it blesses me. I hear it from God that he is calling me to do this for the Church,” said Pelzer.

Article written by Ellie, 5th grade student at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School, Winter Park