St. Mary Magdalen Students Participating in Rice Bowl Program

The school liturgy at St. Mary Magdalen on Ash Wednesday highlighted the beginning of the Lenten Season.


The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Patrick Patton, who reminded the students of the three Lenten obligations — prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Stephanie Bosse, a representative of Catholic Relief Services from the Diocese of Orlando, had a presentation following the Mass where she explained to the student body about the Rice Bowl and how the donations we give to the Rice Bowl have life changing effects on the people who benefit from it. Stephanie reminded the students that almsgiving is not the only thing they can do, but firstly they can pray for the poor and less fortunate. This is the fifth year St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School has participated in the Rice Bowl program, and each year there is more and more donations received. The school is very grateful for the opportunity to give to people who do not have such a wonderful life like we do. For we do not give because others are Catholic, we give to others because we are Catholic.

Article written by Jack, 7th grade student, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, Altamonte Springs