St. Paul’s Catholic School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

About the time of my first grade year (2006-2007), my school decided to do something in honor of the Hispanic heritage in our community.  They decided to hold a Hispanic Fiesta.  Though I can’t remember that first one, I have vivid memories of all the other—the tasty food, the individual class presentations, even the one year when Father John wore a taco on his head.  It’s an amazing time for family, as everyone works together and contributes to making the Fiesta a success.

The entire Fiesta, including the class presentations and contests, is run by Mrs. Sonia Nikolai, our school Spanish teacher, who is a native of Mexico.  Parents have active roles in the Fiesta, too, many cooking traditional Hispanic foods for us to eat.  Students also use this as an opportunity to learn about other cultures, with the older students doing project related to Hispanic heritage.  All students perform at the Fiesta.  There are costumes, traditional dancing, and singing.  This year’s sixth grade class presented a skit on St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.

After the presentations comes one of my favorite parts of the Fiesta—the food, all authentic and delicious.  Most is made by family members.  There’s a sixth grader salsa contest, and also a flan competition.

This was my last Hispanic Fiesta for a while, because I will be graduating this year.  But, even as I go to a new school, I will always have happy memories of this special event in October.

Personal reflection by Marie, 8th grade student, St. Paul Catholic School, Leesburg