St. Paul Students Celebrate Lent through the Stations of the Cross

Throughout the season of Lent, the students at St. Paul Catholic School in Leesburg have been taking time to remember how Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross for our sins. Every Wednesday of Lent the teachers, staff, and students would gather in the church to recite the steps of Jesus’ passion through the Stations of the Cross.

The fourteen Stations of the Cross each have a special meaning to each of us. Some see Christ’s passion in a sad way, while others see His glorious death as a way that the King of Kings died for the forgiveness of our sins. This is the perfect way in which we, as followers of the church, can really think about how much Jesus did for us, and how much he loves us. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, loves each of us individually. Jesus showed us this by his passion, death, and resurrection.

The Stations of the Cross are a way to sit in the presence of the Lord and dwell on the mystery of Jesus’ gift of himself to us. While sitting in the presence of the Lord, it is important to be thankful for Jesus’ endless love for us.

This holy celebration in which we remember God’s love for us, began in the earliest days of Christianity. In the 1500s, towns of people all over Europe created shrines of Jesus’ walk to Golgotha. Over time, these became the stations we prayerfully meditate on today.

Article by Christian G., an 8th grade student from St. Paul Catholic School, Leesburg. Photo by Mrs. S. Nikolai.