Starry Night Lights up Annunciation Parish

On Wednesday, Dec. 10, there was a beautiful “Starry Night” event at Annunciation Parish, and all people from the parish and school from grades K-5 got to sing and perform a show.

In the beginning of the show we were greeted by Father Parkes who led prayer, and Mrs. Ashley who guided the children in singing. Vernon, a first grade student, and his dad played the guitar amazingly. After that, the children sang “O Come O Come Emmanuel” and “Silent Night.” They signed part of the song.

After the show there were many things to do. There was Santa’s Workshop and children could buy presents for their families for a dollar each. They could buy ornaments, stuffed animals, men’s ties, coffee mugs, dog treats, drinking glasses, and much more.

There was a place to get your face painted with many designs, and while you were getting your face painted you could even watch a movie! Another activity people could do was play in the snow. That was a very fun thing to do! The snow was white and it sparkled in the cold night sky.

If you wanted to pack food for those in need you could do that too! There were many adult volunteers helping, and kids were helping, too. If packing all that food made you hungry, you could walk over and grab a cookie and water for a quick snack.

Santa’s reindeer were there, too. Their antlers were big and the children’s eyes brightened while they looked at them. It was cool looking at real reindeer.

After that extraordinary sight, you could go and make a beautiful craft with your friends.
Everyone had a fun time and were glad that Annunciation held that joyous event.

Article written by Lydia, 4th grade student, Annunciation Catholic Academy, Altamonte Springs