Student enters the Church on Easter Vigil

On Sunday, March 27, Molly, a sixth grade student at Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic School in Altamonte Springs, entered the Catholic Church through the Sacrament of Baptism. 


 This became a significant event in our school because students have learned since the primary grades that the Sacrament of Baptism is most often received as an infant. 

When we returned to school on April 4, from our Easter break, Molly was very eager to share with her peers her recent entrance to the Church. During religion class, she was able to share a recording of the Easter Mass, which now can be found on the parish website.

In this video the class was able to see how their friend Molly entered the Church as a Catechumen dressed in a brown robe. The students were also able to see how the priest immersed the young girl into the cold waters of the baptismal font in our Church. The white garments Molly wore at the end of the Mass symbolized her full entry into the Church. 

During her baptism, Molly said she felt clean, cleansed of all sin as if starting on a clean slate. She also mentioned how emotional she felt when the congregation started to clap, making it hard to swallow as tears weld up in her eyes, but in the best way possible. 

We all thank Molly for sharing this very spiritual experience with the S.M.M. school family.

Article written by Nikole, 8th grade student at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, Altamonte Springs