Students and parishioners celebrate the 52nd Annual Fall Festival

Our Saviour’s Catholic School and Church celebrate their 52nd annual fall festival. Many people participated in the numerous festivities. The school sold over $33,000 dollars worth of tickets and wristbands.

The 8th grade’s dunking booth brought most of the attention to many people at the fair. The students at the school are also participating in many charity events. They are collecting Blue Socks for the Dominican Republic, collections for Catholic Charities, Birth Right, and the OSCS fifth grade class makes sandwiches for the homeless.

The students at Our Saviour had their first scarecrow contest. Numerous students took part in the activity, and the creativity and effort is truly visible when they created the scarecrows from scratch. Also, the pumpkin contest allows all the students to express their Halloween spirit through scary, cute and unique pumpkin designs.

Everyone recognized all of the saints on November 1st, when celebrating All Saints Day. Students and adults remembered our friends and family members that have passed away on November 2nd when celebrating All Souls Day. Students and parishioners are looking forward to the week of Thanksgiving since the food drive with gather many donations for people in need.

Article written by Kaitlyn, 8th grade student at Our Saviours Catholic School, Cocoa Beach