Students are living their dreams in the Ivy Leagues thanks to their Catholic education

Gray Malias is one of those students who excelled in academics and athletics while attending high school. The 2015 graduate of Bishop Moore Catholic High School is now reaping the rewards of hard work and dedication as a freshman at Yale University.

“Since I was little I had dreamed of going to an Ivy League school. Attending Bishop Moore opened many doors, both academically and athletically, and when the opportunity to attend Yale was presented, it was truly a dream come true,” said Malias.

Malias is not only soaking up a wide variety of classes in the liberal arts curriculum at Yale, she is also an athlete on the volleyball team. But Malias isn’t the only Ivy League student who recently graduated from a Catholic high school in the Diocese of Orlando.

Jason West who is a sophomore at Princeton University graduated from Father Lopez Catholic High School as Valedictorian. Tahlia Burton, who graduated from Santa Fe Catholic High School, is currently enrolled at Columbia University.

Jake and Josh are currently seniors at Bishop Moore and they are overjoyed that they will be attending Ivy League schools in the Fall of this year. Josh will be a student at Yale and Jake at Harvard.
Jake is enthusiastic about his Catholic education that assisted him with achieving this accomplishment.

“The top notch education I received within Bishop Moore’s Catholic setting has actively fostered and allowed ample room for intellectual and spiritual development,” said Jake. “Surrounded by teachers and peers who have both pushed my mental limits and believed in my academic abilities, I have excelled in the world of academia.”

Josh, who will be attending Yale in the fall, says all eight Ivy League schools have an excellent reputation and have some of the brightest minds from around the world. He knows getting to this point would not have been achievable unless he dedicated himself completely and unless he relied on his faith also to encourage him.

“My faith motivates me to want to make a difference in the lives of others. Going to an Ivy League school provides an opportunity, more so than most schools, to do just that. God has always been there to keep me going,” said Josh.

A combination of academics and faith contributed to these students’ scholastic dreams. It wouldn’t be attainable without their Catholic faith as pillars to hold them up in this Ivy League world; which is no longer a dream but a reality.

“I’m so thankful to have had solid faith background coming from a school like Bishop Moore. Classes can be tough and honestly, there can be days when nothing seems to be going right, but I am constantly reminded through my faith that it is all according to His plan,” said Malias, who is living her faith at college and participates in the celebration of Mass at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church.