Students Offer Random Acts of Kindness

This year our eighth grade class at St. Joseph Catholic School is doing something unique during the season of Lent.


Students are writing down the random act of kindness which they performed on a sticky note. Each student is writing one or more sticky notes per day until the season of Lent ends. Where will we put these sticky notes? All the sticky notes will be glued on a gigantic piece of black construction paper in the hallway by the eighth grade classroom. By the end of the Lenten season, our goal is to fill up the massive piece of paper. As of right now, the paper is at least half covered.

This project reminds us of our Lenten sacrifices, actions, and promises. It reminds us that acts of kindness can happen anywhere at any time. Even after Lent, it will remind students kindness comes from the heart. We hope we will continue showing kindness to those around us long after Lent.

Already, the eighth graders have performed some kind acts, big and small. For example, students have given and shared school supplies, some have given money to their classmates who might not have had a snack or something to eat in order to purchase something to eat, and others have helped carry things for a teacher who needed it. All these random acts of kindness may not seem like a whole lot, but they can really add up.

This is something we as a class can do for Lent to help each other out and do good, like Jesus. Jesus made the best act of kindness for all of us out of love; he gave his life to save us. This project is our way to do something wonderful for our friends, families, and teachers for “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” 

Article written by Jean-Paul, 8th grade student, St. Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay