Students prepare for Sacrament through Confirmation retreat

Confirmation is a big part of the Catholic faith and a huge part of an 8th grader’s life. To prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation, most of the Saint Joseph Catholic School eighth grade and the parish religious education program’s Confirmation class, attended an inspirational and encouraging Confirmation retreat at the Life for Youth Camp in Vero Beach, Florida. The retreat was a great way to build stronger bonds between the students of Saint Joseph Catholic School and the parish religious education program class.

All enjoyed exciting activities. On the first day, students played a game called “Follow the Leader.” The game was played by getting into groups and being blindfolded. The person at the beginning of the line would not have a blindfold on, enabling that person to lead the group while the others were forced to trust the leader. This game was enjoyable because it taught the importance of trust—just as we are to put our trust in God. The game was not only fun and exciting, but it was educational as well.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation was celebrated with St. Joseph Parish pastor Father Jeremiah Payne. Reconciliation is the admittance of sin to God through a priest. In persona Christi, or in the person of God, the priest gives absolution or forgiveness. Being able to reconcile at the retreat brought everyone there even closer. Reconciliation is an important way to prepare for Confirmation and students were glad to experience it at the retreat.

The Confirmation retreat offered many activities and Father Jeremiah was kind enough to celebrate Reconciliation. Students will cherish this amazing experience because it brought all in attendance closer to each other and to God. The Confirmation retreat was incredible and taught the confirmandi while preparing them for Confirmation.

Article written by Bailey, an eighth grade student at St. Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay.
March 2018