Students Share Love with Candy Gram

Catholic Schools have been called a “pipeline to opportunity” for people in areas that may not necessarily have a bright future ahead of them. This is true largely because Catholic school students are not just taught, but loved.

This love was on full display at Sacred Heart Catholic School recently. Since St. Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday this year, members of the National Junior Honor Society decided to get creative by selling Candy Grams featuring positive and loving sentiments printed on the candy. All the proceeds benefited the 7th and 8th graders’ Washington DC trip scheduled for April 2015. What started out to be a simple project, quickly amassed into all-hands-on-deck operation. The students ended up volunteering their time under the direction and supervision of Mrs. Woefel, Sacred Heart’s English teacher. They made a little less than 1,200 candy grams and raised approximately $900 for the trip…all out of LOVE!

“I was completely shocked! For a school of just over 200 students, I thought that was great!” remarked Mrs. Woefel. The Gospel commands us to love one another and obliges us to treat each person we encounter as we would Christ. That’s not an easy thing to ask of a school, even a Catholic school. At Sacred Heart Catholic School, we try to bring about this love God speaks of and our candy grams were a SWEET way of doing it!

Article written by Delaney, 8th Grade, Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach