The “Yes” of Mary

Mary, Mother of all, you said “yes” to God to conceive and carry Jesus in your womb. Without hesitation you said “yes”. There was no doubt in your word. You trusted in God, and fully loved him and believed him. 


 Your “yes” opened the door to hope: hope in salvation, hope for life after death, and hope for even the most wretched sinners.

You cared for Jesus, loved him and would do anything to protect him. You’re filled with beauty, faith, trust, honesty, kindness, grace, and love.

You would do anything to keep anyone safe, even if it meant giving up the one you loved most. You swaddled Jesus, you nursed him, and you guided Him through his early years. You stood beside him, never abandoning him, even in the most difficult moments. You are a perfect example of what trust, faith, and love are all about. No one else can compare to you. You carried a beautiful boy inside you, and on the 25th of December, his birth is celebrated by the world.

Prayer written by Nicole, 8th grade student, Holy Redeemer Catholic School, Kissimmee