Today’s Religious Priest

“Life in a religious order is about intent. The priests and brothers in my community choose to live, pray, work, and play together as a gospel witness to the world of commitment to God, the Church, and each other. The support I receive from my brothers enhances my ability to live out my vocation as a Franciscan priest and teaches me about the selfless love of Christ upon the cross.” (Fr. David Kaczmarek, T.O.R.)

“As a member of a missionary order, I enjoy being part of a worldwide family of men committed to preaching the good news. From Tanzania to Guatemala to Orlando, the Precious Blood missionaries, although greatly diverse, are still one brotherhood.”  (Fr. Ben Berinti, C.Pp.S.)

“September 15, 2007 our founder, Father Basil Moreau, was beatified. His vision continues in apostolates in academia, parish ministry and the missions. I am bonded with these religious in our common call to live the mission of service.” (Fr. Robert Brennan, C.S.C.)