Together in Prayers, Fasting, & Almsgiving


During this important and special season of Lent, we, as Catholics, are reminded to share our time, money, and other goods to those in need.


The staff and students at Sacred Heart are doing their part with the Sacred Heart Lenten food collection which was organized by religion teacher Maria Bilodeau. The collection takes place once a week, with a new class donating food each week. The class that is “in charge” of the Mass that week brings in the food. Many students in the class bring in food, which will then be donated to the Sacred Heart food pantry.

Even though only one class is tasked with bringing food for a given week, many others bring in canned goods to support the needy. After all the food for a week has been collected, it is brought up in the offertory at the Sacred Heart School Mass. Every week, more and more food is donated to benefit the poor.

The Lenten food collection is a special way for the students to support their community, as well as get in the Lenten “spirit” of almsgiving.

Article written by Riley, 7th grade student, Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach