Well Worth the Wait

November 16 and 19 were both very special days at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and School. On Sunday, Nov. 16, Kaley G., a fourth grader, was baptized in front of family and friends at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.


 The following Wednesday, Nov. 19, Jacob B., an eighth grade student, and Alexis B., a third grade student, were both baptized into the Catholic Church during the school Mass. Both students celebrated this joyous occasion with all of Sacred Heart Catholic School and their families.

Each of these students was waiting to be baptized for different reasons and each one was very pleased they did. Both Kaley and Alexis were happy that they got to share a very sacred time in their lives with their families. For Jacob, choosing to be baptized was an act of independence. “I wanted to be baptized in the Catholic Church because I truly desired to begin my Catholic journey with Christ,” said Jacob after receiving the Sacrament. All of these students agreed that being baptized later in life was well worth the wait. Each child was happy to celebrate this momentous event with their teachers, classmates, and family members.

Article written by Delaney L., 8th grade student, Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach