What is Mercy?

The definition of mercy is, a journey motivated by compassion and performed out of desire to relieve suffering. Mercy is also forgiveness and compassion shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm. His Holiness, Pope Francis has called for a Jubilee Year of Mercy, an event that has not happened since Pope Saint John Paul II papacy in the year 2000. 

Mercy Ace

To celebrate for this Holy Year, the school and parish community of Saint Mary Magdalen have decided to work together in small projects.

The parish under the guidance of Father Charlie Mitchel, has already installed banners that hang on either side of the entrance doors of the church. Each banner has strings of yarn with little pieces of paper taped or pinned on. These papers each contain actions of mercy seen or performed by members of the church.

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School is taking this idea and are hanging mini makeshifts of the ‘Mercy Banners’ in each classroom. At the end of the Mercy Year, all classrooms from each grade level will send forth a representative to carry these banners to Mass. We will join with parish banners representatives and together process as a community of faith through the church’s open doors.

Article written by Nikole, 8th grade student, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, Altamonte Springs