Wheels: A new take on Catholic education electives

“Wheels” is one of my favorite subjects this year because we learn a lot of different things entirely separate from the rigorous academic subjects we have at Sacred Heart. This year, our school offered three types of wheels.

In “Wheel Voges,” we do yoga exercises and go to our Pre-K buddies and help them with crafts and fun activities. Ms.Voges, who is a very caring teacher, reminds us to always be kind to everyone, especially the younger students in our school. Another wheel is “Wheel Daigle.”  This wheel is taught by Ms. Daigle. In addition to going to Pre-K and doing fun activities with the younger students, we learn how to play chess and challenge one another. Sometimes, we watch fun and educational videos. Finally, we have “Wheel Bilodeau,” popularly known as EcoEagles. In EcoEagles, Mrs. Bilodeau teaches students about nutrition, gardening, and recycling to promote care for God’s gift of creation.

Eventually, the school aims to have a “green” program that will stream into much bigger initiatives in leadership and service.

Article written and photo taken by Patrick, a sixth-grader at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach.
March, 2018