40 Days for Life campaign starts with prayer

Sep 22, 2021
Mark Romagosa of Nativity Parish in Longwood, second from right, prays in front of an abortion clinic on the first day of 40 days for Life, Sept. 22, 2021.

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS | Mark Romagosa is a parishioner of Nativity in Longwood who is coordinating his fifth campaign for 40 Days for Life. On the first day of the campaign, Sept. 22, 2021, he stood alongside other sidewalk prayer warriors, who took turns interceding for mothers and the unborn.

He began after retirement and admitted, “It’s a big job,” but added, “The Lord had this in mind for me.”

Tina Stafstrom is the executive director of Life Choices Medical Center, a pro-life pregnancy center located next door to an abortion clinic in Altamonte Springs. The pro-life clinic now offers professional counseling for mothers in need, whether due to an abortion, an abortion reversal or another issue.

“We want all our moms to be in a good healthy place,” Stafstrom said. “(Sidewalk prayer) lends itself to a more peaceful atmosphere for the women going in, making it more approachable – giving them a second chance.”

She also noticed an increase in women coming from the abortion clinic. And her staff has noticed a difference, as well.

“We feel that presence of the Lord here more,” Stafstrom said. “We feel that peace.”

Her staff has journaled what she calls miracles and healings during the 40 Days for Life campaigns. Stafstrom gets emotional sharing what the women who come to the clinic have in common.

“They feel very alone, very lost to God. And when they come here, through our wonderful sidewalk prayer – and they walk in the door – they feel that it’s safe, they’re cared for, and that it’s peaceful,” she said. “And they can begin to process and make sense and move forward in a healthy, loving manner in their healing.”

Strafstrom said the sidewalk prayer campaigns help save future babies. 40 Days for Life runs Sept. 22 thru Oct. 31. To find local vigils and sign up, visit: https://www.40daysforlife.com/en/.