Catholic Culture: Is the Old Testament a partial reflection of the New Testament?

Sep 14, 2022

Definitely “yes.” The issue at stake in both testaments is the question of divine revelation and the human response to it.

In Scripture, divine revelation is progressive and unfolding. Perhaps this statement is best understood by reflecting on human encounters. The more time we spend with another human being the more we get to know about them and who they really are.

The first verse of Hebrews reminds us that God’s self-revelation in the Old Testament was partial, that is, those who listened to the prophets learned certain things about God and who He is. In the Gospels, God’s self-revelation through the person of Jesus is complete, meaning, Jesus was God in human form reminding His followers of who God is and what His values are.

By Msgr. Richard Walsh, Vicar General for the Diocese of Orlando, and pastor of St. Margaret Mary Parish, Winter Park, September 14, 2022